Predicting breast cancer using data from Azure Machine Learning This experiment demonstrates a simple machine learning process to predict breast cancer incidence, using an Azure Machine Learning dataset in a notebook environment. Click here to find the tutorial link for this work. To use notebooks and Azure Machine Learning Studio […]

Jupyter Notebooks in the Cortana Intelligence Gallery

Azure Machine Learning overview with sample solution What is Azure Machine Learning? AML is a cloud service for building sophisticated machine-learning models, that includes ML Studio, a web-based user interface for composing experiments and supervised-learning algorithms for classification, regression, anomaly detection, and more. Supports many data-input, such as plain-text, CSV, […]

Azure Machine Learning

Data visualization with Syncfusion Dashboard Platform This web-browser based dashboard is an end-to-end solution for creating, managing and sharing interactive business dashboards, and it includes a powerful dashboard designer application for easily composing dashboards as well as web interface for managing and sharing dashboards. There is a good online demonstration […]

Syncfusion Dashboard Platform

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About R This post is about to learn “R” programming language and based on studies give some examples to implement this tool for data visualization. Also this lab project for Data Management and Analytics module at Dublin Business School. R is a programming language that also called the Language for Statistical Computing. Ross […]

Data Analytics with R

Google Fusion Tables Project I have done this project as a first lab task in Data Management & Analytics module at Dublin Business School. The goal was to create Ireland’s cover map on intensity distribution of county colours based on population density. You can try out the final result in this interactive […]

Google Fusion Tables – First Lab

Today we just testing out our personal student blogs’ basic features. Discuss what to blogging during the year to successfully achieve 4th CA requirements. Organize blog posts under main categories as we move on with main topics during the year. How to implement various documents, files and images (media upload). […]

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